Would you like to look after the needs of your favourite cat or dog ? If you do, we offer a formula of “personalized sponsorship” which is practical and attractive : by sponsoring your “darling” you will not only show your support, but you will become your protégé’s lucky star and you will provide him or her with better opportunities to be adopted sooner.

Does this idea appeal to you ? In that case, just go to your bank to set up a standing order to the account of  :

          ING :  BE 71  3100  0291  8069

 BELFIUS:   BE 57 0682  0361  3535


  Rue Bollinckx, 203

 1070   Brussels


please make sure to include the message “sponsorship” (followed by the name of the relevant cat or dog).

We will be very pleased to record your name as sponsor on his or her cage. Of course, you will sponsor according to your means and you will receive a card in respect of your personal sponsorship. We will notify you as soon as your darling has been adopted and, if you like, you can then choose another cat or dog.

Thank you in advance on behalf of your protégé!



Sponsor one cage :   

As the years went by and costly refurbishment works became necessary, some of our faithful members came up with the idea that we make available for sponsorship our new, recently-renovated cat and dog cages.

Perhaps you will be happy and proud to sponsor FOR LIFE one of these new cages and to have your name mentioned, as well as a wish for the happiness of the future cat and dog who will stay in that cage, hopefully for the shortest time possible.

You will thus enable each of the future residents of that new cage to spend more comfortably their waiting time for a new master who will fall in love with them and take them away to a new life !

This is yet another satisfying way to help us and support us financially in these new refurbishment works.

After more than 30 years of existence and starting out with nothing, we have always tried to make all possible improvements, in accordance with our means, to increase the comfort, hygiene and well-being of our little protégés.

Slowly, thanks to your help and unfailing support, we are finally getting to the end of all the works on our new facilities. It is our dearest wish that, very soon, we will be recognised a being a “model shelter”. All lost or abandoned animals coming to us will, at least, be aware that they have been lucky in their misfortune since they were brought to Help Animals and they will only have good memories of their stay with us.

If you would like to sponsor one of our new cages, please contact the director (Mr. FOLLACCHIO) .  He will tell you the amount involved. Of course, you can pay this amount in several installments and the payments are tax-deductible.