Those people are indispensable for looking after the cages and dog areas and for caring for the animals’ well-being  :  baskets, blankets, toys, etc…

They are also indispensable as they prepare all delicious warm meals for our dogs composed of meat or chicken, fresh vegetables, cereals, rice or pasta.

Our cats receive a mixture of dry and wet food adapted to their tastes and habits. When we have kitten, they receive appropriate food to make sure that they get all the nutrients needed to grow and to develop normally. Often the kittens arrive at the shelter insufficiently weaned. We thus have to provide them with substitution food to replace, as far as possible, the mother milk they lack.










If we follow our colleagues around during the day, we will see that they take care of :

– washing-up

– laundry

– putting the clean linen into cupboards

– checking every cage and doing any additional cleaning that may be necessary

– administering medication to the right animal at the right time

– taking animals to the vet or picking up donations from our members

– picking up medication ordered at the pharmacy

– picking up a lost animals

– cleaning the cat litter before the night

– distributing dry cat and dog food before the evening.

For a shelter worthy of that name to function properly, all tasks have be  performed on a daily basis and be scrupulously checked !