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Breed : Europees
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 06/03/2021
Breed : European
Gender : Sterilized female
Born : 01/05/2022
Breed : European
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 01/05/2022

I still haven't found a family

Breed : Siamese
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 20/05/2007
Breed : Canis Vulgaris
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 08/06/2017
Breed : American Staff mix / Boxer
Gender : Male
Born : 10/08/2012

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Animal abuse: what can I do?


Neutering compulsory in Brussels

As from 1 January 2018, all kittens born in Brussels must be neutered! Help Animals speaking on France2 (video in French).

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Permit to keep animals in Wallonia

From July 1, 2022

Shelters, businesses and breeders should ask anyone wishing to adopt, buy or receive a pet to provide an extract from the central file environmental crime and animal welfare.

Therefore, you will need to present this snippet to acquire (adopt, purchase or receive) a pet in Wallonia ONLY !

How to obtain this document?

  • For people domiciled in WALLONIA, the extract from the central file will be issued by the municipality.
  • For persons residing in BRUSSELS and in FLANDERS, this extract may be requested:

    • By E-Mail to the following address
    • By mail (simple or registred) to the following address:

      Service Public de Wallonie
      Directrice Générale du SPW Agriculture
      Ressources Naturelles et Environnement
      Avenue Prince de Liège 15
      5100 Jambes

To learn more about the measurement, consult the "Frequently Asked Questions" via the link below:

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