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Breed : Anatolian Shepherd
Gender : Sterilized female
Born : 03/04/2019
STIB – Looking for his owner – Not adoptable before 01/02/2020
Breed : European
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 23/07/2015
Gender : Male
Born : 09/10/2016

I still haven't found a family

Breed : Crossbreed German shepherd
Gender : Male
Born : 23/04/2016
Breed : Cané Corso
Gender : Female
Born : 06/07/2018
Breed : Crossbreed fox
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 14/01/2017

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15 November 2019

Our trimestrial magazine

We publish a quarterly magazine about life in our two shelters, as well as articles on various subjects such as : animal welfare, veterinary advice, and more ! We send this magazine by post to all our members. Become a member for an annual membership fee of 15€, and you too will receive the 4... View Article

28 August 2019

Your calendar 2020 is available !

11 October 2018

Animal abuse: what can I do?

19 April 2018

Neutering compulsory in Brussels

As from 1 January 2018, all kittens born in Brussels must be neutered! Help Animals speaking on France2 (video in French).

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