There are two distincts set-ups:            

  1. The quarantine, (separated into 4 rooms) :
  • Hospital : this section comprises 10 cages. This space is completely isolated and closed off to the public. This is where sick cats are cared for until they have made a complete recovery. They are then allowed into the cattery. This room has a powerful air extractor so that all germs are extracted, thus avoiding any contamination of the other cages.
  • The first quarantine : this comprises 12 cages where the cats are tested (leucosis and aids), neutered or spayed, vaccinated and identified. When they are completely taken care off (stitches removed, wormed, treated against fleas, ticks and ear mites, etc…) they are placed in :
  • The second quarantine : this comprises 8 cages. These cats (all taken care of) await their transfer into the cattery, as soon as the cattery is less crowded. We always ensure that the number of cats in the cattery is not excessive. This is because cats need a certain amount of space to withdraw, should they feel the need to do so.
  • The nursery : this is a wing with 12 cages specifically designed for kittens and it houses the great number of litters that we get twice a year.  After the medical visit, kittens will immediately leave with their new owners. The owners undertake to have them vaccinated, either at the shelter or by their usual vets, once the kittens reach three months of age. At the age of 6 or 7 months, the owners will have them neutered (or spayed), and they will see to it that the kittens are properly identified. If this is taken care of by a different vet, not at the shelter, we will reimburse the owners the relevant amount payable at adoption on presentation of a medical certificate.


On the first floor there is a basket with blanket (rest area). On the second floor there are the cat litter and the food bowls affixed to the wall of the cage. Would you like to sleep next to your toilet ? Cats, for sure, don’t !

2    The cattery:                                       

Large indoor cattery with several access point to the same-size outdoor cattery. The cattery has a capacity of about fifty cats.

There are 52 alcoves which enable the cats to withdraw for a rest without being disturbed by more active, or younger, cats.

The cats have several litter boxes at their disposal indoors. These are covered so as to avoid smells.

Outside, trees and hammocks enable all these cats to sharpen their claws or to soak up the sun. This outdoor cattery is also equipped with two tiled spaces with several litter boxes.

There is no greater joy than to see all our cats roam freely, independent creatures as they are !