Before going on to visit the shelter, you will necessarily first have to stop at the OFFICE.

That is the secretariat where, Deborah, Carine, Pascale and Henry will welcome you with a smile and find out why you have come to the shelter.

Would you like to adopt a dog (large or small) or a cat (adult or kitten) ?

Depending on that, they will guide you to the relevant section of the shelter.

They will explain to you the content of the notes posted over the cages, so that you can find out if an animal was found or abandoned and get an idea of its age.

On your way back, the secretariat will provide you with more detailed information on the temperament, character, and likes of the animal you may have fallen in love with.

If the dog or cat that you have chosen is compatible with your life style and environment, one of the  employees will assist you in completing the documents necessary for adoption.



Déborah                                                         Henry


Carine                                                              Pascale