To be clear upfront, you should know that the dog or cat that you may adopt will be entrusted to you for the rest of its life, but that, as an animal welfare organisation, we will remain its owner.

Should the dog or cat you adopt not be treated well, and should it not receive the appropriate care, it may be taken away and brought back to the shelter.

We wish to clearly set ourselves apart from pet shops who sell their animals like mere goods.

This agreement has several important provisions that will have to be respected, such as :

1 To inform us immediately of any change of address (mentioning the contract number) within 8 days of the move.

2 To show the animal, in its usual environment, to a duly appointed Help Animals representative.

3 To inform us, within 24 hours, if the animal has been lost, or if it has run away. If that is the case, you should send a registered letter to HELP ANIMALS and declare its loss at your home’s nearest police station within the same time period.  You will also undertake to publish, within 8 days, an advert in a widely-circulated local newspaper to try to recover the animal, and provide HELP ANIMALS with an attestation of police declaration and proof of the advertisement (with invoice).

4 Not to use the animal for breeding purposes (any accidental litter has to be declared to us within 8 days of birth). The young animals will be rehomed through HELP ANIMALS  under a placement agreement.

5 Not to give the animal away FOR ANY REASON, even to another animal welfare organisation.Should you need to separate from the animal, you will undertake to return it, free of costs, to HELP ANIMALS or its appointed representative. You will not be allowed to sell or give away the animal.

6 Always and under any circumstances, to provide the animal with the best possible care and living conditions. You will have to accept that, should HELP ANIMALS’ duly appointed representative find that “these conditions are not provided for”, HELP ANIMALS reserves the right to remove the animal by any means.

7 To inform HELP ANIMALS of the animal’s death within 8 days and to present us with a veterinary’s certificate, as well as to inform the organization in charge of identification tattoos.

8 To only euthanize the animal as a very last resort, with the agreement of HELP ANIMALS, and on production of a veterinary’s certificate stating the need for euthanasia.

Therefore, before signing this agreement, do carefully read all these binding provisions and talk them over with the person who will draft the agreement.

These provisions simply reflect animal welfare rules common to all shelters.

The amount to be paid for the adoption will depend on whether you adopt a cat or a dog. The sum will comprise : the membership fee, vaccinations, identification, sterilisation (for cats), as well as a small donation which will go towards the upkeep of all our other animals staying at the shelter (sometimes for weeks, even months).

We try our very best to provide you with a healthy animal, but this comes, of course, at a cost.

Thank you for your understanding and for your support to our organisation !