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For their good, your donations are our only support

As Help Animals is an animal welfare organisation with limited means of subsistence, you my want to help us ensure a future for our protégés…

In order to better support us, and to enable us to send you our quarterly magazine, you can become a member of our organisation, according to your means. We offer 5 different categories of membership and you can pay the money into our accounts as follows:


    ING  : BE 71  3100  0291  8069   

   BELFIUS:  BE 57  0682   0361 3535


  • Supporting Member                               5,00 €
  • Adhering member :                               15,00 €
  • Sympathising member :                      25,00 €
  • Protecting member :                            60,00 €
  • Honorary Member (one-off payment for “lifelong membership”): 250,00 € 

However, please be aware that this membership fee is not tax deductible.

For your generous donations to be tax deductible, they have to add up to an amount of 40,00 € over the course of the year (excepting membership fees).

Hence, if you make several payments in a same transfer (e.g: membership fee, donation, calendar, 3rd age animals …), it is important to specify clearly the amount allocated under each heading.Indeed, since we have received a licence from the ministry of Finance, we have occasionally faced some difficulties because some members added up all of their payments over the course of a year when in fact some of these were not tax deductible (such as membership fees, calendar …).As you know, we are not subsidized: the permit granted by the state allows us to collect more donations. This has to be a “mutual” advantage, for you as much as for us: you will benefit from a welcome tax-deduction and we hope to receive larger donations so as to better face up to our ever-increasing expenses.Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Thank you very much, to each and all of you, for your generosity!

Legs et testaments

Think of animals when making your will


Help Animals is a not-for-profit organisation (ASBL), founded in 1981 to help unfortunate animals and to promote their rights. The charity is recognised by the authorities to be in the public interest. The Ministry of Agriculture has approved our shelter (law of 1986 on animal protection and welfare) and, furthermore, the Ministry of Finance has granted tax-deductible status to any donations made to us.

Help Animals is exclusively funded through charitable donations from its donors (donations, gifts, legacies) and does not receive any funds from the state.

Your donations may take various forms: cash donations, bank transfers or donations in kind (useful items, pet food or supplies, precious objects, share certificates, …). Money donations are deductible from your taxable income (attestation and information available on request).

You can also support our organisation through a deed of gift, which is a notarised instrument by which a person donates something (e.g. a property), during his or her lifetime, to the association. Our tax-deductible status allows us to pay gift tax at a reduced rate (your notary will be able to advise you).

However, you can also – and especially – support animal welfare through your legacies, i.e. through a provision in your will, at no cost to you. Help Animals is entitled to receive different types of legacies: general legacies, specific legacies (of a designated item),  legacies related to a share of a succession… Thanks to its fiscal status, Help Animals will only pay a reduced amount of inheritance tax (each Region is now allowed to fix its own rate. By way of example, in the Brussels Region, Help Animals enjoys a favourable inheritance tax rate of 7 %.)

Given the complexity of each and everyone’s situation, your notary will always be the most appropriate person to counsel you. He or she will be able to tell you, in an independent and objective manner, about all options available bearing in mind your personal and family situation (presence of heirs entitled to a reserved share of the estate, …). You will also be advised on the formal requirements that need to be complied with (hand-written will deposited with your notary who will ensure its registration, or will recorded by way of a notarial instrument …).

The notary will also advise you on whether you should consider appointing an executor of the will, or whether you need to add a medical certificate to your will to further guarantee its effectiveness.

Bear in mind that, for a simple hand-written will to be valid, it needs to be entirely written out by hand (not typed), dated and signed, and it will need to clearly set out your property after death (in practice, you are very strongly advised to consult your notary, especially as such consultations are generally not very costly).

If you don’t know any notaries, Help Animals can give you the name of several competent notaries who are also aware of animal rights causes.

Donations and legacies are absolutely indispensable to Help Animal’s survival, as they provide us with the financial resources needed to keep up our relentless daily struggle in favour of animals.

For all other more precise information concerning the subject of successions and legacies, do not hesitate to ask us your questions by e-mail, at the following address:

Stéphanie DEVIS – President