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Your donations are our only support. Please support us. Thank you for them!

Belfius : BE 57-0682 361 3535  

ING : BE 71-3100 0291 8069


You can also help us:

  • By offering our residents food products such as rice, pasta, fresh or frozen vegetables, sardines, tuna fish, canned dog or cat food, cat food, cat litter, plastic baskets, blankets and towels.
  • To help us reduce our supply costs, you can bring us any office item such as A4 paper, tip-ex, sticky paper, post-it notes, pens, markers, stamps, etc,…

  • Maintenance products such as floor detergent, window sprays, Dettol, sponges, cleaning cloths,…
  • When you bring us nice household or decorative items that you don’t use or no longer use, they come in handy because the raffle is always a welcome financial contribution for us.

If it is difficult for you to travel, give us a call and we will come to your home at your convenience.