Abandoned : 14/02/2024

Breed : Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gender : Sterilized female

Born : 13/05/2011

Identification number : 250269604390884

Native country : France

At the refuge since : 14/02/2024

Location where the animal is : Au refuge d'Anderlecht

Size : Medium

So yes, it's true that I may have a touch of osteoarthritis in my hind quarters (which requires monthly treatment), that my lips have whitened over time, and that because of my failing eyesight, I tend to confuse my bowl with my neighbour's (but only when his croquettes look more appetising). Nevertheless, despite being thirteen years old, I think I'm just as deserving as my younger companions of a caring, loving home.
As a Bull Terrier in need and above all in search of love and affection, I need more than ever a family who will be there for me and who will have time to devote to me. In return, I promise big, slobbery licks and wild tail-wagging (and yes, despite my age, I've still got rhythm)!
So if you think you have enough time to devote to me, if you're up for some great petting sessions, but also to accompany me from time to time to my friend the vet to make sure everything's fine and, above all, if you're prepared not to laugh when I confuse the cat with the neighbour's baby (I'm joking), come and meet me as soon as possible at the Anderlecht shelter!

For more information, please contact us BY PHONE ONLY on 02 523 44 16.

Au refuge d'Anderlecht
  • vaccinated :
  • Wormed :
  • Treated against parasites :
  • Chipped :
  • Sterilised :
  • Needs a garden :
  • Lived in a flat : +/-
  • OK with children :
  • Housetrained :
  • Doesn't mind being alone :
  • OK with cats :
  • OK with dogs : +/-