Found : 19/02/2023

Breed : American Stafford

Gender : Castrated male

Born : 16/02/2021

Identification number : 967000010470569

Native country : Belgium

At the refuge since : 19/02/2023

Location where the animal is : Au refuge d'Anderlecht

Size : Large

If my big fat face wasn't enough to make you fall in love with me (and that's very strange), allow me to introduce myself.
As a great optimist, I won't dwell on the reasons that landed me in this refuge in February 2023. All you need to know is that I've had some difficult experiences.
Anyway, enough whining!
My name's Rico, and I'm an ultra-handsome American Staffordshire who's almost three years old, and another of my qualities is that I'm a real treasure trove of love (without boasting, of course) and all I want is a family to share the bundle of tenderness I have to give.
All right, I admit that I'm also a bundle of energy and that walks with me are intense. Besides, I wouldn't mind having a fairly large piece of land where I could run around as much as I like, as well as a family for whom I'd be the only companion (it's true that I don't like sharing).
So, now that the introductions have been made, I look forward to seeing you at the Anderlecht shelter for the IRL (In Real Life) meeting!

For more information, please contact us BY PHONE ONLY on 02 523 44 16.

Au refuge d'Anderlecht
  • vaccinated :
  • Wormed :
  • Treated against parasites :
  • Chipped :
  • Sterilised :
  • Needs a garden :
  • Lived in a flat :
  • OK with children : +/-
  • Housetrained :
  • Doesn't mind being alone :
  • OK with cats :
  • OK with dogs :