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Breed : European
Gender : Castrated male
Born : 15/06/2002
Breed : European
Gender : Female
Born : 01/05/2017
Breed : European
Gender : Male
Born : 01/05/2017

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Bouton Hipay


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17 March 2017

Soon our new 2018 calendar

  Our next calendar 2018 for the benefit of our animals will arrive in autumn. We wish it will be useful all year long

24 April 2017

Our trimestrial magazine

If you want to read our magazine on your computer, (please read our magazine in our frensch site) or if you want  staying in contact with the refuge via our newsletters, you only have to create an account on the place foreseen in the menu. If identifying yourself, all these information will be accessible to you.

6 April 2017

If your cat or your dog has disappeared

If your cat or your dog has disappeared !


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