Abandoned : 21/03/2020

Breed : Crossbreed Husky / German Shepherd

Gender : Female

Born : 12/12/2012

Identification number : D-11873

Native country : Belgium

At the refuge since : 21/03/2020

Location where the animal is : Au refuge d'Anderlecht

Size : Large

Behaviour/personality :
Nala is a cuddly, playful dog, very well educated, but has difficulties in
to be alone. She loves human contact so much that she has difficulty dealing with detachment. For the whole
stay, she's perfect and is a wonderful family dog.

family with children (even small children) ok; family very present because Nala is anxious and has difficulties in
remain alone (vocalizations); the company of a male (not female) dog might help him to better cope with the
departure of the humans.

As Nala has not learned to rappel and cannot be detached outdoors, a large garden is
essential so that she can exercise and run. Needs daily long walks.

Au refuge d'Anderlecht
  • vaccinated :
  • Wormed :
  • Treated against parasites :
  • Chipped :
  • Sterilised :
  • Needs a garden :
  • Lived in a flat :
  • OK with children :
  • Housetrained :
  • Doesn't mind being alone :
  • OK with cats :
  • OK with dogs : +/-