Abandoned : 24/01/2020

Breed : Anatolian Shepherd

Gender : Sterilized female

Born : 03/04/2019

Identification number : D-11880

Native country : Belgium

At the refuge since : 24/01/2020

Location where the animal is : Au refuge d'Anderlecht

Size : Large

Behaviour/personality :
Maïka is a very fearful dog who, as soon as she is confident, turns into a super cuddly and playful dog! Attaches very quickly to humans > high risk of not knowing how to stay alone. Is very exclusive and does not let strangers in unless they are "validated" by the Owner!
Caution: with Maïka, no direct approach or looking straight at her eyes > give her space and let her come gently towards the guests.

Need for stability and trust > family who will respect her personality and who will take the time to play with her; no children too young > they must understand that Maïka is a dog who is afraid of shouting and who needs her space to trust her.

House with a garden is preferable because she doesn't know the call and needs to be able to exercise and run.

Au refuge d'Anderlecht
  • vaccinated :
  • Wormed :
  • Treated against parasites :
  • Chipped :
  • Sterilised :
  • Needs a garden :
  • Lived in a flat :
  • OK with children :
  • Housetrained :
  • Doesn't mind being alone :
  • OK with cats :
  • OK with dogs :