Further to the numerous complaints we receive, we would like to warn you against placing animals through INTERNET.

In good faith, people believe that they have found a “good” new master for the animal they have to part with (for whatever reasons, some of them valid).

Beware though that in this case your animal can fall into anyone’s hands and may be sold by unscrupulous traders and you will have no recourse in case of trouble. We are certain that this is not what you intended!

Help Animals exists since 1981 and our shelter is reputed to be serious. Serious in the attentive care and comfort provided to our proteges, as well as in the choice of future adopters. We don’t let our animals go unless we are certain (nearly up to 100 %) that their future is ensured.

The fact is that all leave with an adoption agreement, properly drafted and set out. This is followed up at a later stage by a team of inspectors empowered to take the animal back if it doesn’t receive the necessary care and attention and the affection it is entitled to expect.

Spread the word around you and reassure those who need to abandon their animals. We are here to take in all cats and dogs and we will not ask any questions that may create embarrassment. The reasons (genuine or not) are none of our business. We only think of the animal’s happiness and safety.

So don’t hesitate to come to our shelter, we can assure you that all these animals will be cared for well, well-fed and treated with affection while waiting for their future adoption!

Thank you for your attention.