We have warned you several times about the theft of dogs. Wherever you are, at shop entrances, in your car or while taking your dog for a walk, do keep a good eye on him. Likewise, if you leave your dog in your garden while you’re away. Currently anything is for sale and so will your dog be, too. It may be removed from Belgium and sold on abroad.

Even though dog tagging has been compulsory for years, there are still some owners who, either through negligence or to save money, simply put a collar with an address and phone number around their dog’s neck. If you’re lucky enough to be dealing with honest people, they will contact you. But if your dog falls into the hands of dishonest people, they will turn your dog into money. Nothing stops the thieves! Recently a house was burgled and the dog was stolen along with the PC, mobile phone, TV, jewelery and other precious items! You can never be careful enough! Forewarned is forearmed!